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Maryša in English

1. 4. 2013 14:33
Rubrika: In english :)

A part of a drama called "Maryša" (which was originally written by Alois and Vilém Mrštíks) was translated into English by a non-well-known translator (me :)). This tragedy is about a girl Maryša who must marry Vávra - a rude widover. He is bullying her all the time and Maryša can´t stand it. That´s why she gives him a poison to a cup of coffee...


Though coffee was delicious,

there was something suspicious.

And then, Vávra´s falling flat.

After a while, he is dead!



*suspicious = making you feel that something illegal is happening or that something is wrong

* to fall flat = to fall direct on the floor with your face

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